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Tough Travels: Adepts

It is that time of month again when I’ve got to try and trawl through my memory of fantasy books past and present in order to come up with five or six examples of outstanding characters/settings.

This month: Adepts – those magic users, wizards who are powerful practitioners of their art. In no particular order:

1. Elminster – Forgotten Realms – Ed Greenwood

In the Forgotten Realms, an ever evolving world, where good and evil are concepts rather than defined roles, where the Gods play a role in the lives of the races, Elminster is the magician’s magician. Favoured by the gods of magic, powerful beyond the imagination of mages everywhere, Elminster is THE MAGE of the Realms.

2. Fizban –Dragonlance – Weis and Hickam

Absent minded, forgetful, bumbling, and fireball flinging favourite of the Dragonlance novels, Fizban is an immensely powerful magic user. Not all of his spells work as they should, nor does he cast them at the appropriate time, but even Raistlin fears him for he knows the true identity of Tasslehoff’s friend.

3. Tarod – Time Master Trilogy – Louise Cooper

In the eternal battle between Order and Chaos, Tarod tries hard to learn and develop his powers of Order, but there is a greater destiny awaiting him. Feared and hated by others, Tarod will come into his power and change the world entirely – if he isn’t killed first.

4. Xiongmao – The Forbidden List – G R Matthews <-- some amateur or other

Soft spoken, wise, adept with every weapon in the Empire, Xiongmao is a Wu – bound to a spirit animal, able to draw on its essence and cross the planes of existence, no one should underestimate her stature nor her calm demeanour. She is a healer, teacher, warrior and deadly on every level.

5. Belgarath and Polgara – The Belgariad – David Eddings

Eternal, powerful, wise; the Will and the Word are all this Father and Daughter need to battle the enemies of the Alorns. Prophecy guides their footsteps and Kings bow to them both. Despite their power, the pain they have seen and been through, they care and they love.

6. Rincewind – Discworld – Terry Pratchett

Rincewind knows one spell. A spell he cannot cast, but it is the most powerful spell there has ever been and everyone wants it. Fleet of foot, Rincewind can escape any danger and any threat. Somehow, despite all the limitations of power and character, Rincewind is the hero of many a book. Well, him or the luggage – you decide.

That was an easy six to come up with… so many more to mention… Pug, Gandalf, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Raistlin… I must stop!

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